1                                   2                               3

            Sky                              Music                          Useless

            Stars                            Mourn                         Unaffected     

            Pen                              Way                             Vitality

            Paper                           Where                          Velocity

            Desk                            Call                              Jail

            Door                            Cry                              Jars

            Alive                           Fight                            Empty

            Alone                          Fly                               Expanding

            Thoughts                     Nothing                       Quit

            Tears                            Noticing                      Quiet

            Grey                            Oceans                        Knight

            Gone                           Orca’s                          Knock

            Black                           Igniting                       Young

            Born                            Island                          Xylophone

            Hate                            Zombie

            Home                          Zoo

            Life                             Run

            Long                            Renegade


Remark: The beginning of every word is with a specific alphabetical letter. Each letter was used twice except for the y and z. There is a connection between all the words you read and the order by which they are read. It’s just a matter of finding… the connection 


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