How I met a devil

I lost my soul to the devil today.

I met him when god left me to rot in my way.

Burning with rage the way melted at my feet.

A devil appeared before me smiling at my deceit

I gazed at him; he stared with nothing but a smile.

Not a happy one, nor had it any other emotion…

He needed my help, I told him I wasn’t interested.

But he kept pushing and I couldn’t help but accepting

A war was waged on a small line,

I needed to find a place to clear my mind.

This place was the ground for the war

To find the conqueror, master, enlighter of all

A shock of emotion came upon me,

A bad and good from every side of me.

Voices begging me to choose their side

Angels with light, burning into my mind

Demons so dark only shadows remained.

One offered eroticism and sex,

Every pleasure my body could sustain

The other offered love, complete

Without any other feeling to remain.

I screamed at both sides to shut up.

I have free will that I won’t give up

I will do it my own way, I don’t need others say.

On a cloud I sat watching anything, smiling

At the devil I met who taught me everything.



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