Life within angles


I. Strength of emotion

Regarding total devotion

Mistakes of upbringing

Always reacting upon living


II. Box surrounding us

A pill taken from its shelter

Medicine for the fuss

Buried in the cellar


III.    Stars shinning on a small campfire

A game of some kind on a wire

The star lights on a fire

The big stares with desire


IV.    The lover body is formed

It’s cold and crude

The upper than the head

All finished, prepared

The snowman is born


V.     Slipping in the world

There is no ledge

The hero comes to a halt

Soaring with a carriage


VI.    Tasteless liquid

Spinning in a regular process

Alcoholic liquid

Falling, broken, Time for a recess


VII.  Trying, questioning

Different reaction, laughing

Somewhere a problem

Someone is here it all is calm

Remark: All of these are different aspects of life in general, with a connecting melody.



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