Memories of a dying man

1)         I have lost count of the evil of man

            Their anger toward one another is everything

            Faith they believe is here for them

            With the acts never ending so is the blame

            Salvation of everyday is kept at bay

            While all the waves of all the seas can’t hush the crying away


2)         With all that sorrow we can still find a shred of hope

            But long it cannot be

            Too many times I have shut my eyes to let it be

            Too long we perform our tasks with no time left

            No way for us to find or even look for the answers we all hold so dear,

            In a cold wind of ice I smell only fear


3)         The last hour has come to me

            A final meal in all it’s irony

            I could do so much, but did nothing

            Is it enough to never kill a man?

            Although I have done it many times

            Is it enough not to destroy?

            When I find all my years filled with it

            One thing I know now that I shouldn’t

            The bright minds are there but couldn’t

            An answer must be found and so it is given

            But maybe the question was the wrong one from the beginning…

            “A bright mind indeed is that of a clown who steals

            A moment away from everyone around”      


Remark: The last line is more of an observation to the poem than an actual part of it; therefore it’s in a quotation mark. (11/10/03)


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