How can I open my eyes and not see?!

Why is it that I’m blind to everything I see?

The door locks, and I am in. the cat hissing at me.

There is a secret, I can tell… but where is it?

In front, or hind of me? Where lays the fault?

A mist in front of my eyes gives my mind thoughts,

I have never heard of before in my life. Was it something here?

Or did I imagine it all in my mind? That cat’s hissing is gone.

On the red carpet a patch is taken off. A mist of red fills my eyes.

Slowly I open and the mists fade. The door opens,

I can see light. A woman in red lies naked on the bed.

Now I can also see the cat. It’s body broken next to my feet.

How did I get here?! What have I done?

A mist of white fills my eyes…

Why can’t I see?



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