Tasty Paradise

I.          It passes as everything does.

            No thought of what it was.

            A bitter taste in your mouth.

            Not of sweat but blood.

            Metallic sour soft and liquid

            Swallowed it lives, there within.

            So it passed like everything.


II.        The shock was so great, he now lies dead.

            He came here last night, a weird odd sight.

            Food was all he craved, one after another plate.

            All went down lightning fast, a magical food ride.


III.       A starter and then another, all was then covered.

            Meals another and ever after, stomach with no ground.

            Then the great shock came, a chocolate covered cake.

            A black bomb of love, rich and so tasty.

            A few bites later he fell, a smile so wide it reached his black hair.



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