The tale of Mr Bale

Mr. Bale lived in a very big house.

He lived with his mother in a converted farm.

The house was theirs and guests they had none.

One day Mr. Bale’s mom got ill and lost the use of her arm.

Her time was short so she told Bale “don’t be sad for me,

I want you to see the world. There is a lot for you to see.”

So on he went. He travelled everywhere.

He worked in some places and lived in the rest.

He met strange faces, and lived with no care.

One day he met a bet which he easily won.

He got from it a lot of money and so worries he had none.

One day he felt a strange pain in his side, he couldn’t understand.

And after a year of torment he began to comprehend.

Running he went back to his home, explain to his mom

Why it had taken him so long. When he arrived he found

That his house was gone and so was his mom. His mom died

Right after he had gone; so said the people now living in the farm.

Mr. Bale cried and cried until his throat was hurt and soar.

“Please son try to understand I was never gone, so wipe your

Tears and cry no more! For I am in your heart and will live forevermore”

Mr. Bale got up and smiled and finally understood what his mom tried.



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