The wedding present

The destined day finally arrived and the whole world, for just a moment, stood still and watched the happy couple: Rachel and Michael, in their most beautiful hour. The stress and emotions of the last couple of weeks reached new heights and when the most important day of their lives arrived it was perfect. The white wedding was a huge success and was the subject of talk for days to come. In the early hours of the following morning the happy couple finally went to sleep with a great sense of relief.

When the couple finally woke up they started sorting the presents and envelopes they received, a mundane but still fun task. The most enjoyable part of it was the bickering of who gave what and how much it cost, something that brought quite a few laughs. When roughly half the pile was sorted they came to an unaddressed brown envelope that lacked any distinct feature other then its color. It contained nothing but a small copper necklace that looked as though it was a second hand trinket that you would buy at the market for a dollar. It was ugly and absolutely ridicules, it had spots of rust and looked like it would brake into pieces. After a long discussion they came to the conclusion that they had no idea who got it for them and why but whoever bought it most likely did so as a joke. With that sorted they put the necklace in the bottom drawer of a rarely used work desk and forgot about it.

In the next couple of weeks the new wedded couple had their honeymoon and with it came the best time the couple ever had. Every single day of their honeymoon was spent in eating in exciting and beautiful restaurants, walking across sandy beaches, watching incredible sunsets and sunrises from the comfort of their very own home, where they also enjoyed the sound and view of the sea, surrounded with coconut trees. A waiter was attached to them and attended their every need, when they walked across the beach he was there to hand them their drinks and a live band was not to far off to play a soothing ballad. The best part of their honeymoon however was the love making. They could not stop touching, holding, kissing each other whether it was night or day, they were inseparable.

Finally, the honeymoon was over and life caught up with them. Work now took most of their time, and gradually things started to change for the worse. What was fun became predictable, what was funny became stupid and what was sweet became annoying.

A year had past and the couple that was so in love a year ago grew apart. Not a day passed without some argument or a fight. What started as a foolish and funny discussion became an all out war. What in the beginning was funny and cute became annoying and stupid. It got to a point that they could not stand one another; a single glance towards one another was enough to ignite a world war. They couldn’t agree on anything and everyday life was becoming harder and harder. They both dreaded their time together at home and so both of them kept as much time away from it as possible. When they were home together they spent their time accusing each other of the neglected state the house was in.

One day after a particular nasty fight they had enough and decided it was time to break up and stop this tedious fighting. It was the first thing they actually agreed upon in a long time. Rachel started packing the things in the study room and Michael started with the bedroom. Rachel was sorting out the work desk when her hands touched something metallic. She grabbed hold of it and took it out of the drawer; a strange feeling took hold of her as she held it, all the anger hate and sadness disappeared and was replaced by a strange feeling of serenity. The hard colors of red were replaced by light blues… She looked down to see what she was holding and was surprised to see the ugly necklace they put away a year earlier. As though in a dream she took the necklace and placed it around her neck. As soon as the necklace closed around her neck something strange happened. All the rage, anger and complete despair she felt only a moment ago were replaced by a feeling of bliss and happiness. She could suddenly remember all the things that brought her and Michael together in the first place, all the happy memories flooded through her and she could not stop the tears of joy from coming.

Michael looked as though he was hit with a jackhammer. He tried shaking his head but that didn’t help, he felt strange, and suddenly very emotional. It wasn’t as though he forgot about all the fights he had with Rachel, it was just that they were now foolish and irrelevant, and the rage and anger he had felt for the last months was replaced by happiness. He was elated that he was with her in this rented house, living with the woman of his dreams. It was that moment that he suddenly realized how much he loved and cared for her. He ran out of the bedroom and towards the study room where Rachel was. At the same moment Rachel was running out of the study room and towards the bedroom. They met each other in the hall way.

They both face each other, and didn’t know what to do; they took a couple of glances at each other and then quickly looked away. Michael looked somehow different, he was smiling. The frown and anger in his face were gone. Rachel felt warm inside and smiled at him and the awkward moment passed and they grabbed each other kissing and touching and hugging. They made love for the first time in months and it was amazing, it was like the first time all over again.

Several years passed and Rachel and Michael are still together and still very much in love. At certain occasions Michael would ask her why she suddenly decided to wear the old and very ugly necklace. To this Rachel would only smile and in response kiss Michael until he forgot all about it.  Some things just aren’t that important…



A friend of mine was getting married and I thought about a story as a present. After a day or two of writing this came out. When I gave it to my girlfriend to read she said it wasn’t really suited as a wedding present, and so I gave it to another friend to read to see what he thought of it. He gave the exact opposite advice, and told me to find a crappy necklace to go with it. So I am happy to say I gave it to him, and he even enjoyed it.   (2009)


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