Images of night part III – In front of the firing squad

A desk with scribbles on it and my notebook, the schoolroom is filled with small desks and students. The teacher stands in front of the desk talking about numbers. The blackboard behind her is full of numbers and several letters. It all looks incomprehensible, I hate math.

I drift away and scribble some random drawings on my notebook. I get bored from drawing and move on to something else, the teacher is still talking about numbers or something. I notice my chair’s four legs are not even, one leg is longer then the other three and one leg is shorter, causing the chair to tip in an angle. I move back and forth creating a clicking noise. Anything to distract me from the boring lecture the teacher is giving. She now turned her attention to one of my fellow students, she is chewing him out about something, poor fool. I continue tipping my chair, its the only solace I have at the moment. 

“Whoever is doing that stop this instant!” screams the teacher.

I stop, and look around me to see if anyone has noticed me, I’m safe. I breathe a sigh of relief and try to focus on what the teacher is saying. It’s of no use, she has the most monotone voice and as soon as I hear her my mind drifts, the student she was chewing is back in his seat I must have missed it. To keep from falling asleep and doing anything that will attract to much attention I start rocking in the chair back and forth, I make sure that I am doing it without making any noise.

“Stop rocking this instant!” shouts the teacher and points her index finger at me.

With two of the chairs legs in the air I try to straighten up, causing the balance I had a moment ago to shift backwards. I fly with the chair backwards and land heavily on the floor. The whole class stares at me and laughs to the great annoyance of my teacher who I now notice has become red with rage. She points at me and screams for me to come to the front of the class, I obediently march forward and look at all the kids sitting at their desks in front of me. Some stare at me intently while others are looking outside with disinterence, and others are too occupied with writing to notice.

The teacher writes something on the blackboard behind me.

“Solve this!” she says

I look at the blackboard and see a large number multiplied with another large number. They seem blurred, they are slowly turn round and round, I realize I have no idea what the answer is. I see a lot of zeroes and I remember that zero stays zero when multiplied. So I start with one and another one and then add several zeroes. There are five zeroes in the first number and three in the second so I write the first five and then add another for good measure. I smile at the teacher in satisfaction she however does not return my smile.Her face is dripping with venom, her face is twisted in a strange form. I am frightened by her, she seems so alien. Her face is disturbing, as if it is somehow made from plastic or something, and it was put over her head. 

“Is this your answer?” she asks her voice dripping with contempt.

“Ehh… Yes?” I try to smile at her.

The teacher in front of me returns an evil smile “are you absolutely sure about that?” she asks her grin becoming larger, almost impossibly large. Her face is pulled wide, the skin nearly dripping away from her face.

“I think so” I respond, trying hard to fight the urge to run away.

“Well I am so very very sorry to say” she says with a big unnatural grin “that your answer is completely…” she stops and looks squarely at me “WRONG!” she screams her face completely contorted.

Her face then starts to change and her mouth increases in size. I cower in terror against the corner of the room, while my teacher is transforming into something resembling a monster. She sheds the human skin to the floor revealing large black scales and a thorny black skin covered in large pointy joints. Her head is black and her mouth is incredibly large. Instead of a nose she now has a large black shell like piece with one large hole in it. Her eyes are gone and instead 6 small holes take their place. She is now as large as the ceiling and her mouth opens wide. All the students in the classroom stare at me; no one is moving their all looking at me as though they are frozen.

“Help me!” I scream at them, but they don’t react. They are all stuck, like morbid statues staring at me.

The teacher’s mouth is opening even larger and she slowly descends to swallow me whole. I scream in fear and try to look for a way out, but there is none. She has cornered me and I can do nothing but scream as her large mouth comes towards me…


 He opens his eyes and gets up. His head is still spinning, from strange images he has seen. They quickly dissipate however and he forgets all about them. His throat is dry and he walks towards the kitchen to get a glass of water. He opens the cabinet door and takes out a glass. He turns the tap and fills the glass with cold water. He drinks it greedily and sets the empty glass in the sink. He walks back to bed and covers himself with the large blankets. He is comfortable, he turns to his side and slowly drifts back to sleep. 



School is an environment that I always found very disturbing. I never liked school and always assumed my teachers to be monsters in disguise. During one of those moments this story was born. I admit it is not a very original premise but I gave it my own little twist, and I think everyone can relate to the experience, making this a very accessible story.

The chair rocking part actually happened to me and I retained a scar on my chin from the experience. (2009)


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