Religion Vs Science Or (Creation Vs Evolution) Jesus leave my three headed fish alone!

Religion has always fascinated me. Not because so many people practice it every day and believe (literally) every word, but because it has evolved tremendously over the years. What do I mean? Well if you take religion as a whole and look at the starting point of it (when more so than why) then you find that religion started as a means of getting people together. They shared stories together; they shared their system together and why because that made it easier to survive. At first primitive man looked at the sky and suddenly realized there are things there that he does not know. To clarify these things he set out to call deities into being. The Greek, the Egyptians and the gods the Romans adapted, have left us plenty of evidence of their gods (and temples, and statues and many more). But at some point these multitude of gods became something else. This most likely because we did not need gods anymore to explain everything, we started to learn things ourselves and gods to explain the sun, the moon, the starts, the plants, the animals etc were no longer needed. Instead believes went on to a one god system. This was set as one god for the Jews and Muslims, a three way like god in the form of the father the son and the Holy Ghost for the Christians, the Supreme Being for the Hindus. Buddhism is slightly different in the sense that there is no Supreme Being or god but rather an elevated state (nirvana) that one should reach.

Religion always starts as a way to help and guide your fellow man. Sometimes rules follow that make sense when put in perspectives other times rules were made which we lack the details of and so the context and the reasoning behind the custom are gone. For example the Muslims and Jews both have a tradition of preparing any food (except for foods that are again not allowed). This is for the Jews the procedure of kashrut (כשרות) and for the Muslims Halal (حلال). Here is an example: Both cultures are desert cultures where meat has a tendency to sit in the sun too long. If normal untreated meat is left in the sun it will rot in no time and cause all manner of problems for the people. So rules were made to handle meat prior to eating it. If it means removing most of the blood salting the meat etc. these are all steps taken so that no stomach will suffer. It is similarly a tradition to wash ones hands and so on and on. At first these were most likely not rules, but traditions and traditions slowly became rules when people forgot why they were doing them.

If we look at it historically then religion is the forerunner of science. It is exactly the same way if we look at the cause and effect approach that science and religion use. They adapt results observed into actions to minimize death and diseases. However, somewhere along the line religion became too powerful for its own good (which is what happens when power is associated with believes) and reason went out the window.

Let’s clear up one more little thing before tackling the whole creation Vs Evolution part. Jesus was Jewish and as all Jews on Friday evening he ate some bread (חלה) and drank some red wine. This is what he was doing during that famous meal.

But let’s move on to something else Creationism Vs Evolution. It is a very strange thing that creationism has become such a strong belief. It has very little going for it (except some people that like to shout) and it is strange that such a large populace believe in it. Especially considering that just next to them there is a group that has proven evolution to exist. In a simplified manner creationism believes the changes you see are based entirely on adaptation. They call the changes that occur are adaptation and not evolution. But then again they do believe in other aspects of science like medicine (which has in a way a lot more question marks then evolution does), engineering, technology and the whole rest of it.

Interestingly a lot of Christians do not believe in creationism at all and do not think that religion and science are at opposite ends. If we believe that religion is glue that binds certain people together then science is the glue that binds individual life together. So maybe the title is wrong and the view we have that we need to choose between science and religion is wrong and that the two should be combined. In a way if we look at physics and at the famous Higgs boson particle which if we use an analogy is the particle we can’t see but pushes all the particles around it. It is because of this that the particle has been nicknamed the God particle.

Maybe rather than argue, all different religious aspects can just intertwine with science, it sure would simplify things. But for that people would need to do one little thing that no seems capable of doing. That means talking things over in a normal manner and use ones head to think things through.


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