The writing on the wall

Stories are the essence of our lives. They are what we teach our children, where they get their first taste of morals, of imagination, of ideas thoughts games and so much more. Stories are the oldest form of communication, starting out as cave drawings telling us the stories of old to the most recent biography telling us all we need to know about someone.

However, stories on their own lack a certain something, an idea can be magnificent but without a capable hand it is only that … An idea. A story or specifically a good story needs something more. It needs to grip you from the very beginning, it needs to be well written and more importantly it needs to take you somewhere. Where the story takes you can be different for different people, but it is this little part that always made a story for me. A story that made me want to soar away across the pages to wherever the story took me was a good story. It is that feeling I wanted to share with others. 

Before my writing could go anywhere though, I needed to do a lot of reading. I loved and still love reading and I can devour books as sustenance (forgetting to eat anything worth of caloric value). But when I was but a mere child my family could never afford to get me too many things (books were always expensive). So at first I would wait patiently until I could actually afford to buy the book, but because I would finish the book within a week or two It felt awfully wrong to wait another 6 months to be able to read the book. So at the tender age of 11-13 I spend most of my time in book stores reading books which the shop owners didn’t really like, which is why it was shops and not just a shop.  

However, this all changed at the age of 13 when my dad took me to the library in our small town and got me a membership. That was the end of my shop reading period and the period in which I read everything I could. It was this period also that I really started to write. I started writing quite early, I had learned how to read at the age of 5 and by the age of 7-8 I started writing. My first real stories though took shape at the age of 12 much to the disapprovement of my teachers who had to put up with me writing straight through their classes and handing out the notes to my fellow class mates who would read them. Thus keeping me and them from the lessons we had. A fact I think they still cherish.

Writing has never been difficult or easy for me. That sounds like a contradiction but it isn’t. Let me explain: for some odd reason I always have a million ideas in my head, ideas about stories and adventures and many things too strange to even try to put into writing, Each story would start easily enough half way through I would get bored with them. Not because I didn’t like the story but because I wanted to have all the good bits in them (as put so elegantly in the princess bride). No character development and definitely no need to do with kissing! I wanted action, suspense, mystery, and fantasy and everything else I could find melted together in a magnificent pot of delicious goo.

A book that was a great inspiration to me and always gave me the feeling that nothing was beyond my imagination was the Neverending story. A story filled with stories that to me felt like an endless reservoir of ideas where everything could happen. It was this endless well of ideas and thoughts that helped me and inspired me. Michael Ende also wrote Momo which was another book that really stroke a chord with me. The imagination used and the pacing was everything to me. I could name many other names that have influenced me into certain directions, but next to Michael Ende there was only one inspiration that have punched me in the gut when I finished reading it. It was to me everything I wanted a story to be and up until that moment I thought I knew about stories. But he took what I knew and threw it straight back at me in a book called a maze of death by Philip K. Dick. A book that really inspired me to not stop thinking about the story, and that any story can grow to become something incredible. All it needs is some water, food, a good soil, sun and the nice warm rays of the light which can make any story a success.

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