A typical meal

The food arrived in a large square plate. That was the first mistake it made the food look small and uninviting. Never put food in the corners of a large plate it makes it look untidy and not nearly neat enough.  He ordered the house sirloin with veggies and baked potatoes.  The seasonal veggies were broccoli, carrots, courgettes and some spinach. The vegetables were slightly soggy because of the garlic sauce and although it was nicer if the vegetables were slightly crunchy it wasn’t a complete disaster. The garlic sauce worked well to give the plate some much needed colour. The baked potatoes were also nicely cooked and were seasoned well, with some salt and pepper.

The same could not be said for the meat though, which was sogging in its own blood. It was not badly cooked but they didn’t give it enough time to rest. He ate only a few bites and left the rest of the plate unperturbed. He took a few sips of wine and was about to ask for the dessert to be delivered when he noticed that the plate was untouched. The vegetables he took a bite of, were all there untouched. The meat was uncut and the potatoes were similarly untouched. It was as though he had imagined everything.

He sighed and cut the meat again. He was surprised to notice that the meat was not leaking or soggy no blood was dripping out of it. The potatoes were perfectly cooked and crunchy. The vegetables were nicely crisp and it was almost a complete different plate in comparison to what he ate before. The only remark was the plate itself, which was the same large square plate. This time he finished the whole meal and enjoyed it. Although sirloin was always considered one of the most popular cooked dishes and it was difficult to get it wrong, it was a good fulfilling meal.

He took a deep breath, content and blinked. His eyes were averted from the plate for maybe just a moment but that was enough. That second his gaze had slipped from his plate was enough, when he looked back the plate was full with the same food again. There it was the sirloin steak, the baked potatoes and the seasonal vegetables. They were the same just as the previous time, with once again slight differences. The vegetables appeared almost raw while the potatoes were overcooked and the meat well done when it was supposed to be medium rare.

He was less surprised this time but more annoyed and full, maybe he hadn’t eaten everything but the feeling that he had was there and that was enough. He tried to force himself to at least try and take a few bites but the food was badly made and there was nothing here that would make him give the restaurant good points. He cursed under his breath and tried to swallow a piece of the meat he eventually succeeded and looked back at the plate.

The plate was full again. He screamed in rage much to the irritation of some diners and the amusement of others. This couldn’t be happening; food could not keep on appearing on the plate without any reason. That was not how these things worked this was not how things were supposed to go.

“Sir…?” The voice was far away, bridging worlds and ideas from its distance.

“Sir?!” The voice grew steadily closer and this time there was an edge to it.

“What? What?” came the muttered response.

“Sir, you fell asleep and you were calling out. So I thought the best thing to do was to wake you” said a waiter standing next to the table “I am also pleased to tell you that your food is ready, so please enjoy it” He added smiled and left the table leaving the costumer to his meal. The costumer looked around confused and when he saw his meal laughed out loud and left the restaurant. In his plate was a sirloin steak seasonal vegetables and some baked potatoes.


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