Destination unknown

When your on holidays it is your time. This means, you have the time to relax find the joys in life and maybe most important find the thing that made everything great again. This does not really work though if you have a place that is packed with people that all ask the same questions wonder the same things and in general think the same way you do. It is therefore come to my attention as of late that maybe a real holiday is not going to a place you are comfortable in but rather a place you aren’t. In a way it is a place where you learn rather than just go to hang out. Why is this so important? Well because a holiday is supposed to be relaxing you are not supposed to think about work so what better way then to first go to a place where no one speaks your language? Then as a second course find a place that is so out there you cannot even check in for work and then as a last decoration on the cake you will need to actually do something to get there. These are the things I believe make a good holiday. You learn something about yourself, something about a country or population and find back what is important in life. All that just so you can go back to it and wait for the next time you can shake it off… 


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