The best comicbook mini-series out there (You should read this… Yes you too!)

The comics, graphic novels or however you wish to call them have been a part of my life for a while. When I was a kid growing up we didn’t have any comics and so I never read them. Then when I was a bit older I found out about comics and got hooked and now with all the superhero movies out there based on superhero comics it seems that the other ones are slightly forgotten. Naturally there are other adaptations like 2 guns etc but still the majority are of superhero like characters that everyone knows.
Comicbooks offer an incredible diversity in their material and there is something for everyone. However next to the long running series there are also shorter pieces like one-shots or mini-series. Both are significantly shorter and offer a set story with a beginning and an end. For those that are short on time and do not want to read the longer 50 or more issues comics this is the perfect alternative.
I’ve been reading a lot of these lately and I love them. At first I had my doubt but now I’m hooked and so without further a do here is a little list of mini-series that are brilliant and you really should be reading! Oh and these mostly involve non-marvel or DC stuff so no batman, spiderman and all of that… Just a little warning…


Image has their flagship comics which are savage dragon, spawn, witchblade, the walking dead and I think by now we can call Invincible a part of that pack. However they have a large list of comics that are brilliant on their own account here is their low down in no particular order:

The end times of Bram and Ben – This is a four issue series that is just a wonderful and funny story about religion, human nature and everything in between. The art is absolutely beautiful and it should be way more known than it is… I can’t really tell you too much about it without revealing it but because of a recent movie dealing with the end times you most likely already know the basics and I can leave them out as well. All you need to do is action, comedy, romance, comedy, robots, angels, demons and did I mention comedy?


Grim leaper – a lovely morbid and romantic comedy of four issues. I think it’s tagline says everything there is to know about this story… It is a love story to die for. 



Wanted – alright this is quite well known because of the adaptation but let me tell you something. This comic is nothing like the movie and to illustrate why let me give you the last image of this 6 issue series. 



Bulletproof coffin – This technically isn’t a mini-series because it has two series of six issues… But they are both really good so screw it and just check them out. 


The strange talent of luther strode – I’m cheating again… This is actually not finished yet and it consists of three mini series which you can’t really call a mini-series anymore. But oh well. This is a great action book and has just enough emotion in it to give you a little pause just so that it can kick it into high gear again.



Alright I’ll stop with Image before it gets out of hand and here are some other great mini-series from dark horse which are not based on hellboy and BPRD or RIPD or any of the more popular things

Colder – this mini-series is brilliant with art that just staggers me. If there is one thing I could say about this book is that the story is unique the art is some of the most emotional and talented I have ever seen and that I have yet to find a more incredible story told in just 5 issues. Do yourself a favor and get this horror action comic now! 



Exsanguine – a classic kinda vampire story. But only just, it is a bit more standard but I still really enjoyed it. 



The strain – This is getting a TV series and it is a series of novels so its a bit of a stretch to also put it as a comicbook mini-series but it is still a great piece of horror so I consider it at home here. It has 11 issues and it is a great read. 



Alright I’m done for now… I’m sure there are a million of these I missed and I haven’t included any IDW releases like locke and key but oh well… These are still great. As a last note I think the one-shot the underwater welder by jeff lemire should receive an honorable mention as it is beautifully emotional and absolutely gorgeous. 



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