Weekly writing challenge list

So the challenge this time is to create a list and the rules are pretty broad so I first thought I’d write about places I went to but I didn’t really like that list so instead here is a directions list on how to fall and maybe even more important stay in love.

1) Always but really always say what you think and feel.

2) Do not always act out what you think/feel (common sense will help you along the way).

3) Listen to what the other side thinks/feels.

4)  Do not expect things to just go easily, things never do so be ready to reach a common goal together.

5) Believe in one another.

6) Don’t let foolish or petty things get in the way.

7) Whenever things get rough take a break, being together all the time is not always the best solution YOU time is very important. 

8) Enjoy things together just as much as you enjoy things alone, you should always be happy to see each other, if you don’t then figure out why that is. 

9) Live life to the fullest, argue shout but let everything out. Don’t leave things unsaid.

10) Do not hurt one another on purpose, causing pain never solved anything. 

Well that’s my list I honestly don’t know if its a good list I guess only time will tell, the one thing I can say about this list is that love like anything worthwhile takes effort, so don’t give up on it and don’t wait idly for it to just pass you by. Work for it and it will arrive and stay if you are lucky. 






  1. Your list is lovely 🙂 Sometimes it can be hard to say it out loud if something is bothering you, but in the end it’s always better to do so. Otherwise it’ll just end up bothering you more.

    BTW I really enjoyed your kettle story with the old ladies! I read it yesterday and now I’m going to plunge into a few more of your “ramblings”.


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