Month: July 2014

Its all over! FIFA world cup 2014

It is the end. After a great struggle, the fall of some and the rise of others, a victor has been declared and all others losers. I am talking about the FIFA world cup 2014, that was held in Brasil. The winner is Germany the team that showed the most stable and overall good game in this world cup. The second was Argentine although their contribution to this world cup is thin to say the least. With the exception of several awe inspiring moves by the world greatest player Messi, Argentine played mostly a boring game. Focusing on defense and leaving the attack on one and on occasion two players only.
Of note is the lack of enthusiasm by which Messi received the best player award. Who according to my personal opinion is not the one that should have been the first player. I rather think one of the german players like Schweinsteiger should have had the honors.
The game for third place between Holland and Brazil proved to be more interesting with a 3-0 win for the Dutch that proved to the world that Brazil really came all this way due to luck and bad refereeing, rather than actual skill. But maybe more imporatnt than anything is the memories we can share.
We saw Brazil crushed by germany and defeated by holland (7-1 and 3-0 respectively) we saw Argentina reach the world final after a long absence. We saw the world record for most goals by one player in the world cup broken by Klose (16 goals in 4 different world cups which is another record). Next to these pleasant results we also saw some less than pleasant things happen. Bad refereeing being one, a biter on the field being two and lastly as a positive note hardly any real fights between players. Although there were many serious injuries, the players kept for the most part a sportive behavior that did not damage the game. Something I hope will continue.
So to end on a high note we saw the rise of a great new player in James, we saw great sportsmanship among the players, even if not with the judges, and overall a great worldcup. See you in four years in Russia (where things not as corrupted as in Qatar… yeah right). Now what am I supposed to do with my time?!


World Cup 2014 the ups and downs and F£$#ING FIFA

Everytime the world cup comes along, I’m reluctant to be happy because, I realize what is behind it. What is behind it you ask, well the good non-profit organization of FIFA that has over a billion dollars in the bank… If that isn’t the most contradictory thing in the world, than I don’t know what is. Despite all of this though I have been an avid viewer since 1994. This mostly because I actually enjoy the rivalry, the matches, the drama and all the things that go with it. 

This has been said before and John Oliver says it much better than I do:

I am happy to say though, that this year was, until a certain incident, the best world cup I have seen. The teams are fighting to win in all matches and there is none of this lets play for a tie game nonsense. It is a shame that after the biting incident it is now the only thing people are talking about and let me be clear about what I think. Biting someone once bad but ok. Get a punishment and that will the end of it. Twice is wrong on so many levels, but I am willing to give another chance. Three times you should be banned forever, because apparently you don’t understand what it is that you do… It is also strange that a person that has bitten people on three different occasions has not gotten a more severe repercussion. But anyway, that will also blow over and quite quickly people will start talking about all the mistakes made by referees, and as usual the first point, as always will be, why isn’t the video referee ever used?! If it is not a corrupted mess (and I hope it isn’t) there should be someone looking at the screen who will convey what he sees to the main referee through the headset. I understand that the main referee can’t see everything, no one expects him too, but that is exactly why there are multiple referees. Every other sport in the world is using cameras now, as an extra measure to be sure that rules are followed. Every sport except for soccer. Go figure…
One more point I would like to address is the foolish spray can thing. What the heck is that? Are we talking to five year olds here that have no basic comprehension of rules and regulations? Let me explain maybe a little better my problem. The people who play football or soccer are adults and as such they know what they are doing. What is happening now is that they are being treated as children. I want you to stand here on the line and don’t move. Do you understand? Good (referee walks away and quickly runs back) I said not to move! Don’t you listen. I guess I will have to do nothing about it and use a spray can to keep you there. How about punishing all of them? Why isn’t that an option?
Let us hope that we will only have a good cup and no more nonsense. Hey and if it becomes somewhat boring just remember Muller. He won’t be remembered as one of the top goal makers. A player that keeps on running irrelevant of the time of play. But rather as the person who fell when trying to run next to the ball at a free kick. It was one heck of a stumble.