Its all over! FIFA world cup 2014

It is the end. After a great struggle, the fall of some and the rise of others, a victor has been declared and all others losers. I am talking about the FIFA world cup 2014, that was held in Brasil. The winner is Germany the team that showed the most stable and overall good game in this world cup. The second was Argentine although their contribution to this world cup is thin to say the least. With the exception of several awe inspiring moves by the world greatest player Messi, Argentine played mostly a boring game. Focusing on defense and leaving the attack on one and on occasion two players only.
Of note is the lack of enthusiasm by which Messi received the best player award. Who according to my personal opinion is not the one that should have been the first player. I rather think one of the german players like Schweinsteiger should have had the honors.
The game for third place between Holland and Brazil proved to be more interesting with a 3-0 win for the Dutch that proved to the world that Brazil really came all this way due to luck and bad refereeing, rather than actual skill. But maybe more imporatnt than anything is the memories we can share.
We saw Brazil crushed by germany and defeated by holland (7-1 and 3-0 respectively) we saw Argentina reach the world final after a long absence. We saw the world record for most goals by one player in the world cup broken by Klose (16 goals in 4 different world cups which is another record). Next to these pleasant results we also saw some less than pleasant things happen. Bad refereeing being one, a biter on the field being two and lastly as a positive note hardly any real fights between players. Although there were many serious injuries, the players kept for the most part a sportive behavior that did not damage the game. Something I hope will continue.
So to end on a high note we saw the rise of a great new player in James, we saw great sportsmanship among the players, even if not with the judges, and overall a great worldcup. See you in four years in Russia (where things not as corrupted as in Qatar… yeah right). Now what am I supposed to do with my time?!


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