The strange ways of things, an update of sorts

I haven’t had too much time to write lately and as someone who isn’t a professional writer it is always a pain when one can’t write. Simply put it is because the only way a person who wants to write can improve, is by writing. So if you don’t have time to write you can’t improve or publish anything on this blog of mine. So what I thought I would do was to write a little opinion piece on water.

So next to it being the single most important ingredient for our survival (we are mostly water after all), did you know that water is never really water?

Ok tricky I know, if water isn’t water what the hell is it?

I’ll clarify, water is considered to be H2O so two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. However water is in a state of flux you should say. It is more accurate to say that it is 2*H2O and that is equal to one molecule of OH (one oxygen and one hydrogen) and H3O (three hydrogen and one oxygen). This balance is what gives rise to an alkali or an acidic solution. The so called pH is a scale we use to measure the H3O content. So water as it is, is never just water it is almost like it is two separate bit intrinsic solutions that play with one another for dominance. Anything you add to the water will affect it and anything that affects it will likely change the delicate balance.

When is water actually water?

Well never, water is notoriously difficult to isolate or purify to only H2O without anything else in it. And even if you manage to get to H2O it will be split between H3O and OH so not the water that you know or learn about.

Water is in a way the most simple molecule but in actuality it is also a very strange one.

In the future maybe i’ll do some more nerdy posts about science or other things.


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