Hi this is me!

My name is Eytan Breman and I love to write, whether its short stories, novellas, poems, comic books or even academic papers.

I don’t really have any specific style I dabble in all manners of fiction really. Actually not even that is true. I started out writing only horror, fantasy and science fiction but that changed into fiction, mystery and I’m now even writing non-fiction which is a very big step for me.

Here you will find some of my writings (mostly short stories, poems and other ramblings) and if you enjoy what you read please leave some comments. I don’t know where the blog will eventually lead to, but for now let’s consider it my dumping ground. Most of the things here will be 2nd draft or 1st draft only. If people actually like it, maybe I’ll do some rewriting and see if I can get anything published.

I’m always looking for interesting people to cooperate with, so if you’re an artist leave me a line and maybe we can try our hand at creating something.

Now let’s get to it and see if we can find something interesting to read…


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