Short stories

List of all the short stories on the blog. Each story will have some notes on the writing, or ideas I had at the time.

1) Lost
2) A dream short
3) A drawing too far
4) The Rock
5) Tau
6) The gravel road
7) The devil’s game
8) The wedding present
9) The coming rain
10) On the wings of pages
11) Images of night part I – the adventure
12) Images of night part II – The witch
13) Images of night part III – In front of the firing squad
14) Images of night IV – The beach
15) Matt’s unforgettable day
16) A typical meal
17) Fifty: Food for thought
18) Conversations
19) Fifty: Communication
20) Fifty – Absent
21) Penance
22) Disbelief
23) Images of night part 5 – The storyteller
24) The kettles on the tray
25) Images of night pt 6 – The forgotten
26) Strangers
27) Intertwined
28) Leaves
29) Images of night part 7 – Fragments
30) Images of night X – Goodnight kiss
31) Images of night VIII – Changes
32) Images of night IX
33) notes on the writing of the images of night series of short stories
34) A tribute to Terry Pratchett – An ode to the death of rats


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