conquering odds

The run aournd

Some place where the sun is but a yellow ball in the sky

And no sound echoes in the rivers of night

Animals walk without fear in their heart,

shades of colors feast for the eyes

When those who stare can only see the run around

Places as far and wide as the universe spins

to edges of the mind where only the children can sing

Far into the land of mist they travel

in a water basket of musty old bagles

Where those who care only find the run around

In a gentle grasp of a wave gone wrong

the chalice of gold is now lost yet found

nothing good from darkness can come

but still it is near ever to be bound

And those who can feel find the run around

Note: A little poem that came from nowhere, settled in my mind and left to be here…



While the boat is sinking,

No shadow of terror beholds my eyes.

It is the sweet scent of my own flesh and blood

My inner most hearted gift, a radiance which no dark can deny

A hope of ever-growing emotion, a never-ending sea of passion.

Tests of time bare their marks; wars gone by show their scars.

Like the rocking boat that carries me, so am I ascended.

The crude diamond whose flaws you try to amend

So did I only to the find the flaws being my own.

Feeling the sharp edge and so uncertain it grabbed my hand

Attaching to my heart becoming a part of me

So I watch the sea wave away. I know I hold your hand.

A smile doesn’t fade, so together we ascend.