flash fiction


Drunk, the gun in my hand…




“It is time” he said and turned to face me. I was summoned to him and here now I sat waiting. 

“There was a time before when you thought me weird now I need to explain why. You see I was once a woman and am now a man. I hope you are not too troubled by this… my son”

I stared in disbelief, was he my mom? Or my dad? Both? Neither?

I was lost in thought when he added “I hope this does not matter affect anything I just thought it was time you knew the truth. Your mother and I are very happy together and although I was born a woman I never felt like one, these things happen but they do not affect the way we feel about each other or how much we love you”

I stared back at him and said “Dad I think I’m gay”

writing challenge


“You know what I hate the most about that movie?” asked David.

            “No, but I bet I can guess. The voices!” exclaimed Donnie.

            “You’re absolutely right! Those god awful voices, I mean you would think the director would at least do or say something to those two”

            “Could you imagine that conversation going down? They are both character actors so they would both remain in character the whole time. So you would have Bane on the one hand and Batman on the other or you know Hardy aka Bronson and Bale talking to Nolan”

            “Yea hardy was kickass in Bronson, but no that would never happen. Nolan would never talk to them, he would send his production assistant or someone, I mean have you seen the size of those two? They could wipe the floor with him”

            “Yea your right so you would have this production assistant trying to communicate with those two… Guys there is a problem. The director thinks you should change the voices a little and…


            “Well it’s not me; it’s the director who said it I swear. Yes I know Mr Bale you are batman, but… Oh Christopher just informed me that whatever you want to do it’s all right”


            “Can you believe what type of movie you would have if they changed the voices?”

            “Yea a halfway descent one. Hahaha”

            “Do you know the story of the man and the woman?”

            “Don’t think so”

            “So a guy tells his wife. Ok I’ll prove to you once and for all that a kick to the balls is more painful than childbirth. Fine, says the woman go ahead prove it. So the guy says in the history of the world no guy has ever said you know what go ahead kick me in the balls again”

            “Ha ha. But you know that’s not true you remember that weird guy at that student party we went to?”

            “What guy?”

            “There was this guy there that granted had way too much to drink but he asked Tim to kick him in the nuts. You remember? Tim was wearing those heavy army boots that have metal plating in them and he kicked him as hard as he could. The guy literally came off the ground and then to everyone’s surprise asked him to do it 3 more times. After that Tim had enough and half expected the guy to drop dead right there and then”

            “That was a great party I laughed my ass off”

            “Yeah. We still have that picture of the two of us, actually the weirdest thing about that party next to the really alcoholic punch that we made was that we still had loads of beers left afterwards. We thought everything would be finished and we still had a crate. Ok granted 15 crates were gone, but students are known never to stop right until they drop”

            “If I remember correctly quite a few dropped”

            “Yeah you’re right. Good times man”

            “Good times”

A typical meal

The food arrived in a large square plate. That was the first mistake it made the food look small and uninviting. Never put food in the corners of a large plate it makes it look untidy and not nearly neat enough.  He ordered the house sirloin with veggies and baked potatoes.  The seasonal veggies were broccoli, carrots, courgettes and some spinach. The vegetables were slightly soggy because of the garlic sauce and although it was nicer if the vegetables were slightly crunchy it wasn’t a complete disaster. The garlic sauce worked well to give the plate some much needed colour. The baked potatoes were also nicely cooked and were seasoned well, with some salt and pepper.

The same could not be said for the meat though, which was sogging in its own blood. It was not badly cooked but they didn’t give it enough time to rest. He ate only a few bites and left the rest of the plate unperturbed. He took a few sips of wine and was about to ask for the dessert to be delivered when he noticed that the plate was untouched. The vegetables he took a bite of, were all there untouched. The meat was uncut and the potatoes were similarly untouched. It was as though he had imagined everything.

He sighed and cut the meat again. He was surprised to notice that the meat was not leaking or soggy no blood was dripping out of it. The potatoes were perfectly cooked and crunchy. The vegetables were nicely crisp and it was almost a complete different plate in comparison to what he ate before. The only remark was the plate itself, which was the same large square plate. This time he finished the whole meal and enjoyed it. Although sirloin was always considered one of the most popular cooked dishes and it was difficult to get it wrong, it was a good fulfilling meal.

He took a deep breath, content and blinked. His eyes were averted from the plate for maybe just a moment but that was enough. That second his gaze had slipped from his plate was enough, when he looked back the plate was full with the same food again. There it was the sirloin steak, the baked potatoes and the seasonal vegetables. They were the same just as the previous time, with once again slight differences. The vegetables appeared almost raw while the potatoes were overcooked and the meat well done when it was supposed to be medium rare.

He was less surprised this time but more annoyed and full, maybe he hadn’t eaten everything but the feeling that he had was there and that was enough. He tried to force himself to at least try and take a few bites but the food was badly made and there was nothing here that would make him give the restaurant good points. He cursed under his breath and tried to swallow a piece of the meat he eventually succeeded and looked back at the plate.

The plate was full again. He screamed in rage much to the irritation of some diners and the amusement of others. This couldn’t be happening; food could not keep on appearing on the plate without any reason. That was not how these things worked this was not how things were supposed to go.

“Sir…?” The voice was far away, bridging worlds and ideas from its distance.

“Sir?!” The voice grew steadily closer and this time there was an edge to it.

“What? What?” came the muttered response.

“Sir, you fell asleep and you were calling out. So I thought the best thing to do was to wake you” said a waiter standing next to the table “I am also pleased to tell you that your food is ready, so please enjoy it” He added smiled and left the table leaving the costumer to his meal. The costumer looked around confused and when he saw his meal laughed out loud and left the restaurant. In his plate was a sirloin steak seasonal vegetables and some baked potatoes.

Matt’s unforgettable day

Writing challange 3:

So in this challange you have to use the following words:

Catharsis – the purging of the emotions, or relieving of emotional tensions. Hippophile – one who loves horses. Panacea – a remedy for all ills. Xylography – the art of engraving on wood. Capriccio – a caper; prank. Ambivert – one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert. Bedash – to dash or strike against.

I chose to do a short story so here goes.

Matt stared at the book in contemplation. The title read xylography – all you needed to know and more. He wasn’t sure it was what his next artistic remedy would be, but he thought he might give it a go none the less. After several hours of reading about the different techniques he gave up, this wasn’t his cup of tea and he didn’t feel all that good about carving wood. He thought of himself as more of a tree loving person, he couldn’t really harm a tree even if he wanted to. He knew more about yoga and Zen practices then art anyway. He actually started the whole thing because of a girl naturally. She was really hot and was all into yoga, he took a few lessons with her and learned how to experience catharsis. But it didn’t work out at the end because she was an ambivert.

Matt left the book on the table for the librarian to organize and walked towards the exit when he saw a small note hanging from the side of the door. He walked towards it to have a closer look and saw that the note read Capriccio. He scratched his head when suddenly a bucket of water fell from above him and bedashed him squarely on the head. Laughter broke out around him.

Matt removed the bucket from his head and looked around at his friends and asked “what is this supposed to be then?“

“Best prank ever!” Cried Martin “You seeCapriccio actually means a prank so we just pulled aCapriccio on you” everyone cried out with laughter much to the annoyance of Matt who left the library cold and unhappy.

Back at the dorms he quickly took off his cloths and took a nice warm shower to get some heat back into his bones. He was just starting to feel a little better when someone was knocking on his door. He quickly put his bathrobe on and in annoyance opened the door. His annoyance quickly changed to surprise when in front of him stood a large horse with a sign around his neck stating: To our favouriteHippophile with love. This was becoming ridiculous what was he supposed to do with the horse now? He went back inside and got dressed he then got out and walked into a steaming pile of crap the horse had left for him. He cursed under his breath and walked the horse out of the dorms much to the bemusement of all the other students. Naturally it was up to him to clean everything up and not one of his friends who pulled this stupidCapricco. Did he actually think that or prank? They were getting to him…

The school grounds had a large farm located about a mile from the grounds that is most likely where his so-called friends got the horse from. Matt started walking his shoes now smelling to high heaven and his mood completely ruined. There was only one thing that would make this day better. OnePancea that would cure all his ails and lift him off of this day. The farmer had two daughters and one of them was the subject of Matt’s admiration for the last year or so, even before he met Minerva the yoga fanatic.

Melanie, she had dark brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. Unfortunately she had a boyfriend, but at least he could see her today. That made the trip a bit more tolerable. He quickened his pace thinking about meeting her again and reached the farm relatively quickly. Once there the farmer eyed him suspiciously and took the horses rains from him without so much as a word. He then motioned him to go to the back of the farm and sit on the benches where people would sometimes sit and watch the horses ride. Matt sat there obediently and was getting a little restless when suddenly the whole structure crashed and he fell into a pile of what looked like feathers. Bursts of laughter sounded everywhere and he tried to quickly regain his footing but slipped several times before he finally got out of that mess. Feathers were stuck to him and around him now was a crowd of people most of them were his so called friends but the others he didn’t know.

He was angry, this was the last straw! What had he done to deserve this treatment? And from people he thought of as his friends no less. Just when he was about to get abusive with some of the friends standing a little too close to him, he noticed Melanie standing just out of reach laughing her beautiful laugh. His rage was forgotten although he still wanted an explanation.

“You really don’t know?” cried Martin

“Know what?”

“It’s April first! We thought instead of you getting to us like you did the last two years we would all gang up on you. Plus we have a lot of it on video now so you should check it out on you tube soon enough” Martin laughed whole heartedly.

Matt was flabbergasted he completely forgot about it. He walked over to Melanie that was still shedding a few tears of laughter and asked her if she would like to go on a date with him. She looked at him in surprise and after a second or two answered that she would much to Matt’s delight.

How their date went and how Matt got all his friends back on the next 1st of April is another story…

Matt stared at the book in contemplation. The title read xylography – all you needed to know and more. He wasn’t sure it was what his next artistic remedy would be, but he thought he might give it a go none the less. After several hours of reading about the different techniques he gave up, this wasn’t his cup of tea and he didn’t feel all that good about carving wood. He thought of himself as more of a tree loving person, he couldn’t really harm a tree even if he wanted to. He knew more about yoga and zen practices then art anyway. 

Images of night part IV – The beach

The sand is a soothing yellow, the sun a perfect blend of light and heat. The sea is crystal blue and goes on as far as the eye can see. Behind me a soothing mellow jazz tune is playing it sounds like something by Charlie Haden. I’m lying leisurely on a white foldable plastic bed and relax.

“Should we get something to eat?” asks my beautiful wife.

She is at my side lying just as I am enjoying herself. We hold hands, life is perfect.

“Sure, what do you feel like?” I ask

“How about a large green salad and champagne?” she asks smiling.

“I think I prefer a sandwich and champagne if you don’t mind”

“I knew you’d say that”

I signal for the waiter to come and ask for an omelet sandwich for my self, a green salad for the lady and a bottle of champagne. Shortly after the waiter sets up two tables on either side of us and places on the one the green salad and the omelet sandwich on the other, the champagne he puts on a small stand in front of the two foldable beds. He fills two glasses and leaves them there for us. We casually sip from the champagne and enjoy our day out. The sound of the oceans waves is incredibly soothing and we quickly lose ourselves in the sound and are swept away following the currents of the sea.

A noise stirs me up; I look across the vast water to the horizon where the blue sea blends with the clear blue sky so completely that one cannot see where the one ends and the other begins. Across the waves I notice something moving, but it is blurry and quickly disappears again behind the waves. I focus on the place where I first saw the movement trying to discern if it is real and not just a figment of my imagination. It is then that I see the movement once more it resembles and arm flailing about, waving for help. It is then that I realize that the noise that had awoken me was actually a cry for help from the person drowning. I look around me at the beach around me and realize to my surprise that it is deserted and that there is no one other than me that can jump into the water. The person is far from me and I do not know if I can save him, but I must try. Without a second thought I jump into the water, it is surprisingly cold. I pay no heed to it and swim as fast as I can forward, gulping for breathe and push myself as far as my body will take it.

The ocean surrounds me, and I can see nothing but the dark blue salty water. I struggle to swim against the current that threatens to take me under and in my struggles against the waves that are now significantly larger I swallow large amounts of salt water. I fight to hold on, pushing my neck high above the water to suck in the precious air. I push on, further and further into the deep sea, not knowing if the person is still somewhere out there, or if I am too late.

I stop to look around me, trying to see where the person is, as I must now be closer to him. However, I can see nothing around me but the high waves, the noise of them crashing down drowns out any possible scream from the person. I become desperate and look all around me for any sign of movement. Something catches my eye from the right and I quickly swim towards it. As I get closer and closer I realize I can hear someone shouting, a voice that sounds familiar somehow, a voice I recognize from somewhere. I put it out of my thoughts and put all my strength in swimming onwards. My lungs burn with the need for air and my arms and legs feel heavy, I pray I will be on time.

My lungs are screaming for more air and I can feel my body succumb to the currents and the sea. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep my head above the water. Just as I lose hope to find however it is that is out there; I hear a voice close to me. This rejuvenates me filling me with energy once more and I swim towards the sound. A hand is flailing in front of me and sinking down rapidly, I dive down and manage to grab it. I lift the body up and out of the water, and look at the face. I do not know how it is possible but it is my father. He has lost consciousness but his pulse is strong. I open his mouth and blow air in. I do so again and again, hoping to get him to breathe to spit out the water in his lungs. I start to cry and keep on breathing into his mouth. I scream for him to wake up, to do something but it is useless he is gone. I struggle to hold on to him but his body is heavy and I am too tired. Too tired to hold on, my hands are weak and he is slipping from me, the sea becomes rougher, the waves stronger pushing me under, I scream as my father’s body slips into the deep ocean and the waves flow over me entering my throat preventing me from breathing. I kick with my legs but I have no strength left to keep my head above the water and I start to sink, the sea closing over me as I descend into darkness…

He turns in his sleep; his eyes momentarily open and glisten in the moon light, as though something causes them to reflect the shattered light that reaches them. His irregular breathing however quickly returns to normal and he is once more deep asleep.


Notes: Images of night… 4 – the beach (2009)

I grew up next to the sea and was diving and swimming even before I could walk properly. My dad, who is an avid diver in his own right, told me after reading the story that it was the only way he would ever want to die. Not because it is a painless death or anything like that but because he feels such a connection with the sea, that he would always like to be a part of it. Even in death.

Images of night part III – In front of the firing squad

A desk with scribbles on it and my notebook, the schoolroom is filled with small desks and students. The teacher stands in front of the desk talking about numbers. The blackboard behind her is full of numbers and several letters. It all looks incomprehensible, I hate math.

I drift away and scribble some random drawings on my notebook. I get bored from drawing and move on to something else, the teacher is still talking about numbers or something. I notice my chair’s four legs are not even, one leg is longer then the other three and one leg is shorter, causing the chair to tip in an angle. I move back and forth creating a clicking noise. Anything to distract me from the boring lecture the teacher is giving. She now turned her attention to one of my fellow students, she is chewing him out about something, poor fool. I continue tipping my chair, its the only solace I have at the moment. 

“Whoever is doing that stop this instant!” screams the teacher.

I stop, and look around me to see if anyone has noticed me, I’m safe. I breathe a sigh of relief and try to focus on what the teacher is saying. It’s of no use, she has the most monotone voice and as soon as I hear her my mind drifts, the student she was chewing is back in his seat I must have missed it. To keep from falling asleep and doing anything that will attract to much attention I start rocking in the chair back and forth, I make sure that I am doing it without making any noise.

“Stop rocking this instant!” shouts the teacher and points her index finger at me.

With two of the chairs legs in the air I try to straighten up, causing the balance I had a moment ago to shift backwards. I fly with the chair backwards and land heavily on the floor. The whole class stares at me and laughs to the great annoyance of my teacher who I now notice has become red with rage. She points at me and screams for me to come to the front of the class, I obediently march forward and look at all the kids sitting at their desks in front of me. Some stare at me intently while others are looking outside with disinterence, and others are too occupied with writing to notice.

The teacher writes something on the blackboard behind me.

“Solve this!” she says

I look at the blackboard and see a large number multiplied with another large number. They seem blurred, they are slowly turn round and round, I realize I have no idea what the answer is. I see a lot of zeroes and I remember that zero stays zero when multiplied. So I start with one and another one and then add several zeroes. There are five zeroes in the first number and three in the second so I write the first five and then add another for good measure. I smile at the teacher in satisfaction she however does not return my smile.Her face is dripping with venom, her face is twisted in a strange form. I am frightened by her, she seems so alien. Her face is disturbing, as if it is somehow made from plastic or something, and it was put over her head. 

“Is this your answer?” she asks her voice dripping with contempt.

“Ehh… Yes?” I try to smile at her.

The teacher in front of me returns an evil smile “are you absolutely sure about that?” she asks her grin becoming larger, almost impossibly large. Her face is pulled wide, the skin nearly dripping away from her face.

“I think so” I respond, trying hard to fight the urge to run away.

“Well I am so very very sorry to say” she says with a big unnatural grin “that your answer is completely…” she stops and looks squarely at me “WRONG!” she screams her face completely contorted.

Her face then starts to change and her mouth increases in size. I cower in terror against the corner of the room, while my teacher is transforming into something resembling a monster. She sheds the human skin to the floor revealing large black scales and a thorny black skin covered in large pointy joints. Her head is black and her mouth is incredibly large. Instead of a nose she now has a large black shell like piece with one large hole in it. Her eyes are gone and instead 6 small holes take their place. She is now as large as the ceiling and her mouth opens wide. All the students in the classroom stare at me; no one is moving their all looking at me as though they are frozen.

“Help me!” I scream at them, but they don’t react. They are all stuck, like morbid statues staring at me.

The teacher’s mouth is opening even larger and she slowly descends to swallow me whole. I scream in fear and try to look for a way out, but there is none. She has cornered me and I can do nothing but scream as her large mouth comes towards me…


 He opens his eyes and gets up. His head is still spinning, from strange images he has seen. They quickly dissipate however and he forgets all about them. His throat is dry and he walks towards the kitchen to get a glass of water. He opens the cabinet door and takes out a glass. He turns the tap and fills the glass with cold water. He drinks it greedily and sets the empty glass in the sink. He walks back to bed and covers himself with the large blankets. He is comfortable, he turns to his side and slowly drifts back to sleep. 



School is an environment that I always found very disturbing. I never liked school and always assumed my teachers to be monsters in disguise. During one of those moments this story was born. I admit it is not a very original premise but I gave it my own little twist, and I think everyone can relate to the experience, making this a very accessible story.

The chair rocking part actually happened to me and I retained a scar on my chin from the experience. (2009)


            He opened his eyes. He wasn’t home, everything was dark, and he was on a cold floor.

He couldn’t remember getting to this place, whatever this place was. He did remember arriving home late the night before, or was it two nights?! But after that… nothing. His mind was blank. He had no recollection of ever going to bed, only a faint notion of something out of place, something that had gone wrong.

He glared into the darkness that surrounded him, waiting for his eyes to get used to the dark, but for a reason or other they did not. It all remained dark. He slowly walked forward, trying to find a wall of some kind, or any other thing that might give him a clue to where he was.

            After about a 10 minute walk he gave up. Wherever he might be, it surely wasn’t his home.

He slowly went over his cloths, he was wearing from what he could make out the same cloths he had worn coming to his home. He also still had his shoes on. He crouched to feel the floor he was walking on. It appeared to be a cold tiled floor. There was no air current from what he could tell and nothing else he could use to orientate himself.

Fear slowly crept up to him, smothering him like a blanket. Engulfing him completely, and panic slowly overcame him. The thought of a life in darkness without ever knowing how or why he was there was too much to bare.

Just as tears came down his face and a complete feeling of helplessness came over him, a small light appeared in front of him. He blinked a couple of times in surprise and tried to make out where he was. He wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand and got up on his feet.

            He tried to get a clue on his surroundings, but the light was too dim to be of any use. It stood out in the complete darkness it looked like a candle in a vast sea of darkness, Barley viewable.

He went towards the light on impulse. Not wanting to stay in this complete darkness any longer. He did not stop to think how it came to be that a light now illumed the place where darkness only used to be.

            He carefully walked towards the light suddenly noticing how slippery the tile floor was. He on impulse looked down to his feat only to remember it did no good, he could not see them. He glanced back to the where the light was only to find it was now further away. He picked up his pace but the light just kept on moving away from him. He broke into a run, only to slip and fall face first on the hard tile floor.

            His face hurt all over, but he took no notion of it. All he cared about was the light. He looked up to see it was now just a very small dot in the distance; he cursed at his clumsiness and quickly got to his feet. Something hot trickled on his face. He distractedly wiped it away and continued in a fast pace after the light. Then the light vanished.

He was back at square one. In the dark, alone he shouted out his frustration. The shout echoed back at him from everywhere. He looked around, was he in a tunnel of some sort then?

            As he looked around him for any clues another light shone in front of him. This time it had the shape of a door. As if someone opened a door on the outside leading to this place. But also this time, even though the light was many times stronger then the light he had seen before, he could not see anything of his environment. Normal light moves as a wave reaching something and then moving back, this light seemed to be stuck. It stayed at one place casting no shadows or light onto other things.

            He walked towards it. But instead of getting closer the door appeared farther away. He stopped abruptly, and so did the movement of the door shaped light. He took some steps back the light stayed at the same place. He now took a few stapes forward and the light moved away. He cursed; this was some kind of sick joke. Someone was playing a joke on him, and that someone would pay.

            He was in an endless darkness again, the source of light disappearing as abruptly as it came.

“Whoever this is, I’m on to your stupid game” He screamed at the open air, to no one in particular.

It felt good to hear some noise, in the empty silence around him, even if it was his own voice. Everything was better then that cursed silence. The echo slowly faded, the dark silence returning to claim victory.

            He sat on the floor, now that he could aim his hate against something; it stopped the fear creeping up to him.

Light dazzled him coming from everywhere at once, leaving him blinded. He closed his eyes, the light burning them as if he was staring at the sun. Slowly, he opened his eyes. The light was somewhat dimmed now, and he could see his surroundings. He looked around and saw just the tiled floor for kilometers around him, the light not reaching everywhere and so in places it did not, darkness sat, waiting to take over the frail light once more.

            He looked in front of him, and saw a figure standing there. A sudden rush of fear came over him, but he was quick to repress it, and walked towards the figure determined to get answers. Something trickled along side his nose, he wiped it and looked at his hand. It was covered in blood, probably from the fall he had earlier. He left it at that, there was nothing he could do at the moment anyhow.

He reached the figure, his mouth fell open and he stared gaping.

            In front of him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She stood in font of him like a frail bird, naked. He stared at her in awe, not able to remove his eyes from her. Her face was the sweetest face he had ever seen, a face that seemed ageless. Her eyes shone with a bright light, her lips a natural red color. Her body was the way he imagined the perfect body to be. In fact this woman was the way he pictured the perfect woman. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. No not a woman a goddess, someone born to walk with gods not mortals.

            He could not talk; he only stared at her, not able to move all his earlier thoughts gone. Only one thought remained, a thought for her. A craving for this woman, he wanted her. More than anything he had ever known before he wanted her. All thoughts of pain from his fall, thoughts for escape, were gone.

She smiled, revealing a perfect set of white teeth. Her smile was that of a goddess, beautiful, pure. A smile people fight for, a smile people kill for, a smile everyone would gladly die for.

            She slowly walked towards him, her perfect body shaking with every move, making her even more beautiful if that was even possible. When she reached him she took his hand and kissed his hand. He did nothing; he could only stare at her, losing himself in those amazing beautiful eyes. She started licking his hand, and he only then realized how much he wanted her, how much he wanted to make love to her. If there was only one thing he could do one wish it would be to make love to this goddess. All his thoughts were gone, there was only she. Without knowing what he was doing, he grabbed her and held her close to him, a burning desire within him. He grabbed her amazing body going over it in disbelief, and kissed her hard on her mouth. He looked at her; a drop of blood was on her cheek. His blood he realized.    Everything came back to him. He pushed her away, it was the hardest thing he had ever done. Every part of him wanted just one thing, this woman. The part of his mind that was screaming something was wrong was now suddenly heard, and he understood this could not be. The fantasy cracked, he didn’t believe it. Slowly he noticed the woman faded, an urge to hold her before she disappeared, passed through him, and for a second she was real again. But he pushed the thought away, and the woman disappeared from sight completely as if she had never been there in the first place.

 “I know your tricks now, you bastard!” He screamed “you will never trick me! I will beat you” His voice echo bounced around in the empty place.

            Suddenly all light faded, as well as his echo, and darkness loomed over him once more. Everything was quite dark and lonely. He sat down on the floor and felt like weeping.

He heard a small noise. He looked all around him. It was the first time he had heard anything in this place, outside his own echo. Gradually the noise grew louder and louder. At first it sounded like a buzzing. But slowly he could make out a voice. It was a metallic voice as if it was not human but rather a computer, it was laughing. Not a hearty laugh but a hollow shallow one, as though it was but a shadow of a laugh, a mere reminder of an old dark laugh, and it grew louder. It came from everywhere, crashing like a sea at storm, drowning everything. It gradually grew so loud he could here nothing but the laugh; his own thoughts were drowned by the laugh.

His ears rang loudly, pain filling them. He couldn’t tell if his cries of pain were audible or not.

The laughing did not reside, it continued on growing even louder. The pain in his ears was unbearable he clutched at his ears trying to block out the sound, but it had no use the sound tore through his fingers as if they were but air. Fluid ran out his ears and over his fingers. He fell to the ground unconscious.


            He moaned. He was in his bed, his soft comfortable bed. Light shone through the window and birds outside were tweeting. It sounded like music to his ears. He breathed a sigh of relief.

It was all but a dream; he rubbed his ears they still seemed to have a memory of ringing. He slowly got up smiling, feeling uplifted. He walked to his bathroom. He lifted the toilet seat and urinated. He let the toilet run and turned to the sink, opening the tap. He let the water run over his fingers. The cool water felt good. He took some water in his hands and washed his face.

            He looked at the basin. The water was not transparent but red with blood. He looked at the water in fear and slowly raised his head afraid of what he would find staring back at him. He lifted his head and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

A shout escaped his lips. Staring back at him from the mirror was a face covered in blood. The blood had run down from his nose part of which had dried. He had one puffed eye and his cheek was reddened and swollen. Hardened yellowish liquid ran down from his ears to his face. He stared at the mirror in shock, and the pain slowly returned. It was always there he was just too happy to notice it.

“NO!” he muttered to himself.

            Slowly the bathroom faded in front of him. He turned and saw the room slowly vanishing in front of his eyes. Everything disappeared until he was standing alone once again, in the dark. A small noise slowly grew louder. He grabbed his ears as tight as he could; he had heard this noise before.

“Wake me up” he begged “someone, please wake me up”

Around him the laughter grew louder and louder…


This is your typical horror story. I wrote it in 2005 and back then thought it was great, years later I decided it wasn’t all what I thought it was. This story was actually one of the easiest stories to write; usually I don’t need to spend endless hours in front of the screen to come up with ideas. I have many floating everywhere and my biggest problem is actually sitting down and writing all of them. This one came when I was looking into the mirror and imagined some creepy laughter… It actually has the feel of an old star trek episode to it. (2005)