Notes of fatherhood #1

I wrote previously that there are things that people always tell you about children that are just straight out lies. These lies are not only about certain feelings or things that happen but more closely related to certain actions limited to your kid. I know this sounds like it makes no sense what so ever, but bare with me and all shall be clear.

When your kid is born it can only communicate through one things. That thing being crying. So it cries when it is tired, when it is hungry, bored and whatever else you can think of. This unfortunately means that you will lack quite some sleep at the beginning. The lack of sleep leads to you doing and saying things you don’t mean simply because of the stress and annoyance that a lack of sleep is accompanied with. In the army this is for example a very efficient torture method (or maybe not only in the army). But I digress, the tiredness that leads to the eruptions of emotions is something that is quite normal but annoying, and because both parties are on edge controlling these outbursts can be difficult. However, one thing I never could understand was why people would assume that a relationship that has hit hard times, might be better with a child in the picture. If anything the opposite is true. A relationship that has hit the rocks will never be better when a child is involved, it will be worse! But that is another matter all together.

When children cry they do so in a very interesting frequency that lets your teeth chipper, your nostrils shake with horror and your head ring in a tone you have never ever heard before, and most likely never want to hear again. Oh and those that say they sleep through it (Yes YOU! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) are lying! There is no way in hell you can sleep through that incessant crying, but wake up when there is some music playing in the background. You not going to see the kid means not that you are asleep but that you are too tired to get up and push the responsibility on the other person.

Actually if the person sleeps through it then run a test. While asleep take some music with some shrilling noises and play it next to that persons ear, we will see if they wake up then. But back to the matter at hand. The crying can stop on its own after a while or continue on for years (yes I mean years). Naturally the first thing people say when you ask them how their nights are, they always smugly reply that their child is sleeping perfectly every night. At that moment (although I know I want to smack them in the face) test that matter. Come once unannounced to their house at a time when the child is supposedly asleep. It is then that suddenly you will hear the excuses: Normally he is asleep already. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, he always sleeps right away…

So why lie?! Well that’s the real question, and I don’t have a real answer except that people always want to be considered good parents. It doesn’t matter if they lie or not they want to appear as really good parents. The one thing people tend to forget is that we all learn how to be parents while doing it. And most of us have multiple jobs (mother/father next to the normal job) which means we can’t spend that much time learning how to do everything. So need to get a book on the matter go ahead, if that works for you but don’t forget that every child is different and no manual can tell you everything. One other interesting fact is that everyone can be a parent, there is nothing that you need to pass, no degree no nothing. But if you want to adopt then you need to pass a multitude of tests and channels and you are never guaranteed any result at the end. Unless you are Madonna…


The problems with the best of lists

I have been looking at new lists as of late, to try and find something new to read. I looked through the great google for support but the lists that come up were always the same kind of lists. One factor in it was that I wanted something good and not the same old drivel that people put out. The other factor is what is considered good or the best, is always limited and this is where the same things always pop up. The worst in all of these is comic books. I love comic books and consider them to be an essential part of modern literature. However, there is so much garbage out there that it is hard to find really good ones. And when you take the time to actually go through the sites and review and so on you find the same names over and over again. It is always watchmen is the greatest single work of art in existence and bla bla bla. I am getting tired of everyone being such a frank miller fan or an alan moore junkie. Sure they were great at their day but its not like no new comics are coming out. More importantly there are so many other things out there that are great that the whole fetish with the older gen, is frankly getting a little old and mundane.

This is why there should be a site setup with some recommendation database basics. Where users could just put their favorite comicbooks or graphic novels and a list with what other users liked would be given or similar categories. I wait impatiently for such a site to come, interestingly things like that already exist for the world of manga. Which is a great way to discover new manga, if you are into manga that is.

So if there are people like me out there that are looking for good tpbs and cant find them here is my short list of things to read (and its not marvel or DC! because let’s face it they really are a one trick pony. A good trick, but still only one). So let us begin with Image which shows the most promise there are several really good books out. Chew, morning glories, witch doctor, luther strode, todd the ugliest kid, whispers, end of time…, grim leaper, saga, whispers and thats all i can think of at the moment. Dark horse is another great publishing house and from them I would really recommend colder, the secret, rex mundi and the goon. Now here is to hoping a recommendation site will actually find its way into existence.

Living without

Something strange has happened to me as of late. The strangeness is not so much a happening as it is a realization of something. This realization occurred to me after I lost something and what better format to tell you about this than right here. I have never noticed it before because living without something is very hard to do when you have never lived without it. Let me give you an example: prior to losing your sense of smell for example you never notice what an important part of your life it plays, this is true not only for certain senses that we lose but for many specific things that happen to us. We are creatures of habit and our nature tells us that we will always live they way we do, it is when we lose something that suddenly our world is thrown into disarray and we are somewhat at a loss for a remedy.

For me it was a relative small change, I lost my voice. After I lost it though I noticed how much I actually use it in communicating with other people and how difficult it must be for people who have lost their voice to adapt to the new situation. People that are born without a sense have had to content with that situation their whole life, that is not to say it is easier but in a way they don’t know what their missing. If you lost a sense irrelevant of what that sense is, you know what your missing and you have to content yourself with either having to live without forever or for a short period of time.

What I find even more interesting in this whole endeavor is that people don’t care. I mean we as a civilized and progressive society are continuously looking for ways to improve our way of life but for some reason we just don’t seem to actually care too much about the things that are happening around us, be it people who are down on their luck or other such things. We will give little notice to them or when we do we will simply give some money to some organization, but more importantly is that they do not interrupt us and do not become involved in our lives. We want the problem solved in a way that means we don’t want to be bothered by it and the best thing would be to just push it under the rug. However, after some time the lumps will prevent you from walking straight and as usually with these temporary solutions, you need to adjust somewhat to accommodate a more permanent solution that will benefit everyone involved. For the general public this means whisking the problem away for the ones who have the problem it means learn to live with it as quickly as you can. How cruel and how ignorant that may seem. Me my voice will come back unfortunately for many of us that will not happen and maybe the most important thing is use your senses wisely, you never know when it will disappear on you. Worse then losing something is having something and never use it…

Opinions may differ

I have refrained from ranting about politics, because I sincerely believe that it is not my place to rant about it. There are enough political analysts, journalists, opinion writers etc, that I don’t think I need to add my view to this already very full domain. But lately something has been burning in me, it started as just a small little annoyance but now I need an outlet, and this is it.
I understand politics, hey I even like politics at times, (not the throwing chairs and punches at each other one, but rather the talking to one another) what I don’t like is stupidity and ignorance. Actually I can remove stupidity from there so that it’s just ignorance. Why don’t I like ignorance? Because that breeds hate, resentment and fear, it is without a doubt the worst thing you can have as a politician, but (and this is a big but) in politics being ignorant is just wrong. When you are in politics, you are a bit like a performer, you stand in front of people you tell them things and try and get them to believe in you. So where am I getting at?
What people say to one another matters, if a kid says his dad told him something or other it matters, if grown-ups are fighting about a line in the sand even though it’s arbitrary, it matters. Why? Well, because if you care about people in general, and I am not talking about adults for the moment, but about children who will believe anything you tell them, it is these children who I see as the sufferers of everything, and it is irrelevant what you believe, or even whose side you are on. Children should be protected, period! Still there are people out there who use this to their advantage, or leverage to do acts they believe to be for their greater good. Certain countries (like the us for example, or Russia or so many others) won’t be bullied and will just use a bomb to wipe everything out. Hell the only time the USA was ever attacked they used two atom bombs to make that point come across! All the other times that they bombed countries they weren’t even attacked.
I think it is important to point out, that I don’t have an opinion on the side of things. I am not against the US or for another country, I think that at the moment I prefer the USA running things for the simple fact, that they actually do something and don’t spend weeks and months and sometimes even years discussing a problem. I understand the necessity of certain things, just like I understand that somebody bombing me constantly will make me so angry that I will attack back without looking at the consequence. But it is this that makes it dangerous, even though I understand it and for the moment I don’t see a better solution, you can’t have negotiations while under fire, and you can’t have proper negotiations with terrorists. The biggest reason why you can’t is that terrorists lie, use civilians as pawns, and control the population first by means of terror, than through brainwashing them.
Maybe the most important thing in any situation, is not to hate, something that people do naturally, they chose a side and automatically hate the other side. This happens in football, soccer, in a similar fashion. In war or political stand-offs prior to tension and eventually escalations are all built from one simple founding rule. Hate.
Now I have been leading up to this point, but I guess I will have to endure the hate and continue. The conflict in Israel… First let me say that if you don’t live in Israel or Gaza than you should shut up. I am of the opinion that people who are not part of the conflict can only really understand the sides: by either living in a situation that is it, or through a similar background. You might think you know what it feels like, but you don’t. When someone loses his arms or legs do you say ohh… I know exactly how you feel, and then continue to give him advice on how to proceed? No you wouldn’t, so why does everyone give two bits about the situation in Israel? A plane full of civilians headed from Amsterdam was shut down by god knows who (Americans say it was Russian rebels) over the Ukraine. I don’t see demonstrations, fights or anything much happening to support either side there. Why is that? Why is the whole world silent each time we have a new horror in Africa? Why when in Africa a hundred or so girls are abducted, brain-washed and become slaves of the islam because of some nut, there is hardly any response?
What makes Israel so special? Or for that matter the Palestinians? Do you understand this? Am I missing something? What made a piece of land so big that you can spit the distance, so important that the whole world has an opinion on what should happen with it? How is that even possible? I am against genocide of any people, but every country has a right to protect itself from an enemy. The only problem in this case is how to take out a terrorist cell that runs a country. Interestingly the Palestinians on the other side of the country want exactly the same thing. So let’s wait and see what happens, but for now please refrain from having an opinion on something you do not fully understand. The biggest problem is thinking you understand when you actually don’t. Let me make this perfectly clear yet again, you can’t possibly understand it unless it has happened to you…
I think I should stop this rant now before I become too serious for my own good, or maybe there are things that the natural order of things tells us, we should be ignorant about. Maybe certain things should be left untouched. Or maybe we should blow everything up but ourselves. But then we have to live with ourselves and have you met us? We are not very nice, if leave us alone we will stab you in the back…

World Cup 2014 the ups and downs and F£$#ING FIFA

Everytime the world cup comes along, I’m reluctant to be happy because, I realize what is behind it. What is behind it you ask, well the good non-profit organization of FIFA that has over a billion dollars in the bank… If that isn’t the most contradictory thing in the world, than I don’t know what is. Despite all of this though I have been an avid viewer since 1994. This mostly because I actually enjoy the rivalry, the matches, the drama and all the things that go with it. 

This has been said before and John Oliver says it much better than I do:

I am happy to say though, that this year was, until a certain incident, the best world cup I have seen. The teams are fighting to win in all matches and there is none of this lets play for a tie game nonsense. It is a shame that after the biting incident it is now the only thing people are talking about and let me be clear about what I think. Biting someone once bad but ok. Get a punishment and that will the end of it. Twice is wrong on so many levels, but I am willing to give another chance. Three times you should be banned forever, because apparently you don’t understand what it is that you do… It is also strange that a person that has bitten people on three different occasions has not gotten a more severe repercussion. But anyway, that will also blow over and quite quickly people will start talking about all the mistakes made by referees, and as usual the first point, as always will be, why isn’t the video referee ever used?! If it is not a corrupted mess (and I hope it isn’t) there should be someone looking at the screen who will convey what he sees to the main referee through the headset. I understand that the main referee can’t see everything, no one expects him too, but that is exactly why there are multiple referees. Every other sport in the world is using cameras now, as an extra measure to be sure that rules are followed. Every sport except for soccer. Go figure…
One more point I would like to address is the foolish spray can thing. What the heck is that? Are we talking to five year olds here that have no basic comprehension of rules and regulations? Let me explain maybe a little better my problem. The people who play football or soccer are adults and as such they know what they are doing. What is happening now is that they are being treated as children. I want you to stand here on the line and don’t move. Do you understand? Good (referee walks away and quickly runs back) I said not to move! Don’t you listen. I guess I will have to do nothing about it and use a spray can to keep you there. How about punishing all of them? Why isn’t that an option?
Let us hope that we will only have a good cup and no more nonsense. Hey and if it becomes somewhat boring just remember Muller. He won’t be remembered as one of the top goal makers. A player that keeps on running irrelevant of the time of play. But rather as the person who fell when trying to run next to the ball at a free kick. It was one heck of a stumble.



Fraud in any field is looked upon with dismay and serious consequences are usually attached to any such act. However, there is one serious exception to this rule, or at least this is what I feel. This exception is science. Let me draw you the picture, in science you do a certain research test certain hypothesis and at the end of the line are not judged on the actual work you did but rather on the result that came out of that research. Sometimes its not even the result, you could have a brilliant result that change the world but the world won’t believe you and so they won’t publish it. This is what you as a scientist are judged by, the publication. If it is a good one and you are in a group that is known it should be ok, if you are not things will get tricky and it might not be that easy to get your research published.

The fact remains that research is judged only by the publications and that journals will publish positive results but hardly ever negative results. Therefore if you conduct a research project that at the end generates no results then you have failed. This is the basis I believe of all misconduct, the thought that something should work you just didn’t get it right yet, or the system you are using is not optimal enough etc. A recent survey showed that between 0 and 94% of university students commit academic fraud. Link here

Readers who are following retraction watch know that fraud is a lot more common then people would like to admit. Interestingly though the people who commit fraud are rarely punished severely for their actions. Let me give you an example why this annoys me. Dr A is researching multiple sclerosis, for this he is faking some results gets a grant for 200,000 dollars to conduct further research on the subject. Now this Dr, turns out to have committed fraud the worst that can happen is his PhD is taken from him and tadaa that’s it.

He basically stole money, faked results, put research in the field of multiple sclerosis back several years because people are reading his work, draw conclusions from and adapt their work to incorporate all the recent findings. The precautions can be immense and can reach all the way to the patient. It is this that for me means that the punishment for fraud should be more severe. It is not enough to just give a slap on the wrist and strip that someone from their title (if that even happens. In many cases that does not occur because strictly speaking the research might not have to do with the PhD thesis). The science process is not an easy one, it is filled with many hills that make it hard to get through. There are many challenges on the way to becoming a scientist (the low salary, the long hours of work, the loan you had to take to pay for everything) and I think those should be taken into account. However, it does not make fraud even remotely ok.

Science is the way we can further our understanding and develop new and better tools to deal with the world around us. That can be through better health care or new technology and so on. There are efforts all around the world to help the world around us survive into the future projects that strife to keep all plants in the world for example like the kew project. Just think about it this way if half the seeds that are collected are fraud what would happen… 

The best comicbook mini-series out there (You should read this… Yes you too!)

The comics, graphic novels or however you wish to call them have been a part of my life for a while. When I was a kid growing up we didn’t have any comics and so I never read them. Then when I was a bit older I found out about comics and got hooked and now with all the superhero movies out there based on superhero comics it seems that the other ones are slightly forgotten. Naturally there are other adaptations like 2 guns etc but still the majority are of superhero like characters that everyone knows.
Comicbooks offer an incredible diversity in their material and there is something for everyone. However next to the long running series there are also shorter pieces like one-shots or mini-series. Both are significantly shorter and offer a set story with a beginning and an end. For those that are short on time and do not want to read the longer 50 or more issues comics this is the perfect alternative.
I’ve been reading a lot of these lately and I love them. At first I had my doubt but now I’m hooked and so without further a do here is a little list of mini-series that are brilliant and you really should be reading! Oh and these mostly involve non-marvel or DC stuff so no batman, spiderman and all of that… Just a little warning…


Image has their flagship comics which are savage dragon, spawn, witchblade, the walking dead and I think by now we can call Invincible a part of that pack. However they have a large list of comics that are brilliant on their own account here is their low down in no particular order:

The end times of Bram and Ben – This is a four issue series that is just a wonderful and funny story about religion, human nature and everything in between. The art is absolutely beautiful and it should be way more known than it is… I can’t really tell you too much about it without revealing it but because of a recent movie dealing with the end times you most likely already know the basics and I can leave them out as well. All you need to do is action, comedy, romance, comedy, robots, angels, demons and did I mention comedy?


Grim leaper – a lovely morbid and romantic comedy of four issues. I think it’s tagline says everything there is to know about this story… It is a love story to die for. 



Wanted – alright this is quite well known because of the adaptation but let me tell you something. This comic is nothing like the movie and to illustrate why let me give you the last image of this 6 issue series. 



Bulletproof coffin – This technically isn’t a mini-series because it has two series of six issues… But they are both really good so screw it and just check them out. 


The strange talent of luther strode – I’m cheating again… This is actually not finished yet and it consists of three mini series which you can’t really call a mini-series anymore. But oh well. This is a great action book and has just enough emotion in it to give you a little pause just so that it can kick it into high gear again.



Alright I’ll stop with Image before it gets out of hand and here are some other great mini-series from dark horse which are not based on hellboy and BPRD or RIPD or any of the more popular things

Colder – this mini-series is brilliant with art that just staggers me. If there is one thing I could say about this book is that the story is unique the art is some of the most emotional and talented I have ever seen and that I have yet to find a more incredible story told in just 5 issues. Do yourself a favor and get this horror action comic now! 



Exsanguine – a classic kinda vampire story. But only just, it is a bit more standard but I still really enjoyed it. 



The strain – This is getting a TV series and it is a series of novels so its a bit of a stretch to also put it as a comicbook mini-series but it is still a great piece of horror so I consider it at home here. It has 11 issues and it is a great read. 



Alright I’m done for now… I’m sure there are a million of these I missed and I haven’t included any IDW releases like locke and key but oh well… These are still great. As a last note I think the one-shot the underwater welder by jeff lemire should receive an honorable mention as it is beautifully emotional and absolutely gorgeous. 


Destination unknown

When your on holidays it is your time. This means, you have the time to relax find the joys in life and maybe most important find the thing that made everything great again. This does not really work though if you have a place that is packed with people that all ask the same questions wonder the same things and in general think the same way you do. It is therefore come to my attention as of late that maybe a real holiday is not going to a place you are comfortable in but rather a place you aren’t. In a way it is a place where you learn rather than just go to hang out. Why is this so important? Well because a holiday is supposed to be relaxing you are not supposed to think about work so what better way then to first go to a place where no one speaks your language? Then as a second course find a place that is so out there you cannot even check in for work and then as a last decoration on the cake you will need to actually do something to get there. These are the things I believe make a good holiday. You learn something about yourself, something about a country or population and find back what is important in life. All that just so you can go back to it and wait for the next time you can shake it off… 

Ego of a shithead

What’s so special about a writer? I mean let’s face it there are millions of them, anyone with a pen is a writer and if we really come around to it only a handful are any good. Only a handful will be remembered as truly great and even less as groundbreaking. I know this sounds bleak but it is intended to.

Why you might ask well the answer is very simple. To put a writer’s ego back where it belongs, just because someone can write or got published or whatever reason it does not magically mean that you are better than those around you. The same goes for any and every profession.

I don’t understand why it is that certain people believe themselves to be god’s gift to humanity? Even if there is some mighty strong evidence to support this shouldn’t humanity have a say in this? Is a person who is down on his luck worse than someone who has just won the lottery say? Or is it all an exercise in fate conjunction and we are pawns in a game of chance where whoever rolls the dice can win, we don’t know who or what but we believe in something there… Ok so it’s becoming a ridiculous exercise in philosophy but I still think there is a valid point here somewhere.

Why should one person be better than another, why should one be a leader over another. In most cases there is an element of luck but most often there is ambition and next to ambition there is an eagerness to succeed without any regard to the way it is done. It is this eagerness that does tend to work and a wise man once said if you really want to succeed make from miracles a reality. But I digress.

Everyone of us was a complete and utter annoying little shit. This is the way the world turns no one is brilliant all the time no one is always nice. I am sure that some of the nicest people I know were absolutely shitheads when they were teenagers for example. Maybe that’s something to keep in mind when you are doing well. I once was a shithead let’s make sure that I don’t turn into one again. 

Under appreciated horror

The internet is filled with these types of lists. But I thought I’d put in my two dime worth of thoughts because I disagree with many of the lists out there. I divided my list into sections so it makes it easier to see the category. There will be no best of in here, meaning no psycho or shinning or the exorcist. Specifically because those movies are on every list, so instead I’ll put movies that I thought were good but do not get the attention they should. So here is my little contribution in no particular order:


Braindead/Dead-again – This is an amazing tour of a film. It is filled with gore, horror, comedy and pays tribute to many movies out there. It is one of the best gore movies ever! The fact that it was directed by Peter Jackson is just an added bonus! If you haven’t seen this yet and you are a fan of horror movies you don’t know what you’re missing.



The Frightners – Another little gem from Peter Jackson this time attacking the supernatural. It has a great cast (with some great cameos of the best in horror) and I must admit there are some great moments. It has elements of horror, comedy and because it was one of my favourite movies growing up it deserves to be here.



The Omen – This movie is usually in the lists of best of, but for some reason not a lot of people have actually seen it (at least not the newer generation). In case there is any doubt I’m talking about the original 1976 version. So this is for you, go check this movie out I still remember the first time I saw the glass scene it caught me completely by surprise the first time round, in its brutality.


Ringu/Ringu 2 – This I added for one specific reason ringu 2. The first many will know or at least know the American version (which is far inferior to the Japanese version. I still don’t get the whole stupid horse scene, why the hell was that in the American version of the movie?!) the second however is not really considered as a good movie, which I beg to differ. I love the second one even more then the first one and I am not afraid to admit it.


Ju-on – Another great ghost curse movie from the Japanese. It is one of the more well known movies but my list wouldn’t be complete without it. Something about children I guess really is creepy. That and putting long dark hair over your face…


Pulse/kairo – For some reason this is a little less known but I can assure you that it is just as good as the other entries here if not better.


Whispering corridors – This south-Korean movie is a great exercise in atmosphere creation and good introduction to Korean film making.


Extreme French

Inside – One of the best extreme French cinema movies out there. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then here is the short version. The French have made several movies considered to be extremely graphic, violent and disturbing. They are filled with blood, terror and mayhem and it is the sheer quantity of those factors that makes the movie extreme. You could argue that it is similar to hostel and all of those but you would be wrong. While those types of movies are just there to make you grind your teeth in anticipation of the next killing, the French movies make you curl into ball and bite your nail off without realizing that is what you are doing. I mean that they suck you into the story and cause you to actually care about the characters. That makes the punches you receive that much more painful. Plus there is a genuine story which is always a plus. I have included only one of the so called French extreme movies but if you like the one you will like all the others. So try out Martyrs, High tension and They as a start you won’t be disappointed.


A tale of two sisters – Another South-Korean entry on the list, this time something a little different but as disturbing as ever. This in a way is the some of the best South-Korean horror although there are other movies that pack more of a punch (like I saw the devil) this one is one of the first I saw and it has a great feel to it.



Behind the mask: The rise of leslie Vernon – I loved this movie. Truth be told I have had enough of the slasher genre simply because there is only so much running and hiding you can do and let’s face it Jason and Michael will never be replaced with a next best thing. This movie though looks at things from a different perspective (I still smirk thinking about this movie cardio line). Namely the killer. This is a unique twist because here we have everything the killer needs to prepare to become the next Jason or Michael (or for some reason Freddy…) which is a lot!



Youre next – This is another slasher movie that takes what you know and delivers exactly that until you realize it actually isn’t. It is a smart little movie that has many things going for it. If you missed it by any chance go check it out.


Japanese extreme

Ichi the killer – I had to add this movie simply because it is the Japanese equivalent to the extreme French genre with one big difference. It has a much more gruesome sexual tint to it that isn’t present in such a way in the French movies. I can’t explain it better then that without giving away some of the key (and let’s face it disgusting) scenes.  


Science fiction

Event horizon – What would happen if you came back from a black hole? Hell ofcrouse! Event horizon is great and more people should appreciate it. It starts with a bang and never let’s go until the credits role. Action horror suspense and science fiction what else do you want? Oh yea and Sam Neil who is one of the most famous horror movie actors out there. Why do I say that well because he plays in: Omen 3, in the mouth of madness, possession, Snow white: A tale of terror. I know he plays in many other movies but he has this coldness to his manner that just means evil things will happen. Maybe it’s just me.


The Fly – Jeff Goldblum at his best, a creepy scientist that becomes a fly. What could be more gruesome, disgusting and entertaining?



Nightbreed – The only clive barker entry in my list (yes I know shame on me, but that is more because the others are so well known that I didn’t see the point of putting those in) and one of the best. Based on his book Cable (which is a terrific read in case you haven’t read it) that recounts a typical barker like world filled with monsters that aren’t the real monsters.


Pet cemetery – The only Stephen king entry on this list. I nearly put It on this list but to be honest although I love the first part of it the second part to me is just annoying and the ending is so mundane and stupid that I couldn’t in my right mind put it here. Why couldn’t pennywise be the killer?! He was so awesome why bring in a spider? Anyway, Pet cemetery is a great movie and a great book too. It is one of the only Stephen king books I enjoyed the ending of. The mist was a close contender…


In the mouth of madness – My only john carpenter on the list. It’s a great story though a writer that enters his story or does the story enter him? Either way it leads to a hell of a movie too bad about the ending though.


And there you have it my little list of movies that every horror loving person should watch. I know I have left out many movies that are personal favorites and I skipped through subgenres like zombies, vampires and all of that because let’s face it there are too many of those movies around anyway. Maybe just an honor mention to Shaun of the dead as a zombie movie.